Donations can be be submitted to: Manna Cafe CI, P.O. Box 1122, Chincoteague VA 23336

Our Officers

Fran & Bill Lytle ... Founders & Directors, President & Vice President


We’re Founders & Directors of Manna Café CI, a non-profit organization, as well as Founders & Directors of Brand Champs, a marketing consultancy company. 

For many years, we’ve volunteered in our communities to help people and volunteered for organizations that work to end hunger including:  Rise Against Hunger, Samaritan’s Purse and Feeding America. 

During the summer of 2009, we moved from Central NJ to the beautiful island of Chincoteague. In January 2017, we started Manna Café CI to feed people’s bodies and their souls. Every Monday, we work with a team of passionate hard-working volunteers to spread the Light by serving a free hot lunch and providing a loving environment for fellowship. We believe that God gives each of us gifts and we’re supposed to use them to spread love and kindness. We consider it a blessing to serve our community! 

Our parents were passionate mentors as well as wonderful examples of using God’s gifts to spread love. Our daughter Maggie’s life is also an amazing example of love and kindness that she shares through her volunteer work to end hunger and as an Oncology Nurse.  

We can be reached at and

Maggie Lytle ... Secretary/Treasurer


I’ve been involved in community service and advocacy since I was young, having been an active member of Girl Scouts and my church's youth group.  

During my time in nursing school, I also participated in organizing and presenting a community health service project on the subject of proper oral care for older adults. Through faith-based, social and educational organizations, I’ve been able to serve my community and foster a passion for helping others. 

Along with my parents, Fran & Bill, I’ve been a passionate activist with organizations that have the goal of ending hunger in our lifetime including Rise Against Hunger. I began volunteering at Manna Café CI at the beginning when visiting my parents on Chincoteague Island.  

It’s my goal to incorporate health promotion, education and advocacy into Manna Café CI so guests’ bodies, minds and souls are nourished. I currently reside in Princeton New Jersey with my mischievous cat Morty and visit the beautiful island of Chincoteague whenever I can. I work as a medical oncology RN at Princeton Medical Group.

My contribution as a Manna Café CI Board Member is to offer health education and mentoring to guests.  

Our Board of Directors

Joyce Westberry


In 2013, God gave me the desires of my heart. My husband and I moved to Chincoteague from Southern Maryland. Sadly, I lost my husband in 2015. I prayed for God to fill my life again and He did with two miniature horses named Hope and Jingles. 

I began volunteering at Manna Café CI when it opened in 2017, but I wanted to do more to help the guests. So, I prayed and asked God to help me listen to his guidance. When I listened, I knew that I could help by providing Manna Café CI guests with the joyful experience of shopping for themselves and their loved ones, (regardless of their financial situation). 

In the fall of 2017, I discussed this idea with Fran & Bill and they enthusiastically embraced it. So, I started the Loving Hearts and Hands table at Manna Café and it’s been a blessing to so many guests! There are no price tags … guests pay what they can afford. Money that’s generated from the Loving Hearts and Hands table is donated to Manna Café CI to purchase food.  

I learned many, many years ago that no matter what was going on in my life it was so healing to find ways to bless others. There’s a song titled “With Every Act of Love.” My favorite part is “God put a million, million doors in the world for His Love to walk through. One of those doors is you.” I hang on to those words daily!

My contribution as a Manna Café CI Board Member is to continue managing and growing the Loving Hearts and Hands table. I can be reached at

Jack Beard


I moved to Chincoteague in 2103, after marrying the love of my life, Gail. Prior to marrying Gail, I’d been involved in various local community and international organizations to help people.  Together, Gail and I have continued volunteering to spread the Light.

As a member of St. Andrew Catholic Church, I’m a volunteer with the Migrant Ministry team that helps migrant families who work on the Eastern Shore during harvesting season. 

My other volunteer service includes traveling to Guatemala to help people in their communities by building and renovating homes. I’m also an active participant in the Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity.

I began volunteering at Manna Café CI in 2017 and discussed with Fran and Bill the idea of delivering free hot lunches to people who are homebound. Realizing the volunteers in the hall wouldn’t be able to leave to deliver lunches, I recruited a team of deliverers from St. Andrew and Manna Café CI Mobile began in October 2017.

My contribution as a Manna Café CI Board Member is to continue managing and growing Manna Café CI Mobile. 

Jackie & Mark Mentzer


We both began volunteering when we were members of our church’s youth group and continue to volunteer for various community and faith-based organizations to help people and spread love. We’ve both been Sunday School teachers and small church group leaders as well as participants in mission trips to Zambia and Guatemala.

We live in Havre de Grace, Maryland near our 2 children and 7 grandchildren. We love to travel and own a home on the beautiful island of Chincoteague which we visit during the season and enjoy with our family and friends. 

We began volunteering at Manna Café CI in 2017 and feel blessed to be part of spreading the light in the Chincoteague community and experiencing the joy of the guests. In addition to feeding people in the hall each Monday, Manna Café CI also gives to people in need. 

Our contribution as Manna Café CI Board Members is to manage and grow the School Supply Drive for back to school, Share The Warmth Drive in the fall and Toy/Gift drive for Christmas. We can be reached at or

Rosie Moot


I’m a pastry chef turned entrepreneur and I’ve been involved with Manna Café CI since its beginning in 2017.  

What started as a desire to help people and a need for a reason to make delicious baked goods, grew into a love for this organization and the many needs it meets for the community. My culinary background is helpful to Manna Café CI for coming up with meal ideas and sourcing ingredients.  

I’ve been actively involved with volunteer work since I was a teen. When I was in middle school and high school, I participated in my church’s mission trips to help others. 

We’d mow lawns for elderly people and do some light renovating, painting and cleaning for the elderly and disabled people in our community. 

My husband Dylan, brother-in-law Nate, sister-in-law Kate and I are chefs and owners of Pico Taqueria on Chincoteague Island. We help raise funds for Manna Café CI as well as donate food. We love the community of Chincoteague and how Manna Café CI is helping. And, I look forward to helping the organization grow and prosper. 

My contribution as a Manna Café CI Board Member is to offer advice and assistance with meal ideas and food sourcing.